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Standalone AML Screening Service: PEPs, Sanction & More

Table of contents
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    1. Not Already a Customer?
    2. Overview
    3. How to use
      1. Authentication
      2. Request Parameters
      3. Request Example
      4. Response
    4. Names of Datasets
    5. Request Failure Messages

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AML Check service is an API that allows IDWise customers to search for individuals over Anti Money Laundering (AML) datasets which are updated daily.

Important Note: IDWise journey definition can be configured to automatically call the AML service as part of the journey without the need to call this stand-alone API, please contact your IDWise account manager to configure this on your journey flow (The AML check result will be incorprated into the journey result as an extra rule, and any matches can be reviewed from the IDWise dashboard, and retreived via journey API).

How to use

API only accepts POST requests to this url:



Basic authentication. You will need API Key and API Secret, these need to be passed into the “Authorization” HTTP header. API key (as username) and API secret (use as password) need to be separated by a colon (:) then encoded as base64. API Key and API Secret will be shared with you by IDWise team.

Request Parameters

Parameters should be provided as JSON data in request body.

Request must provide one of the following:

  • full_name: it is better to be formatted as Lastnames, Firstnames Middlenames but can be also passed as Firstname Middlenames Lastnames if the order was not known.
  • first_name and last_name (both should be provided together).

Other fields are optional which are:

  • middle_name.
  • birth_date: YYYY-MM-DD ISO formatted date (e.g. 2021-12-30). By default it will search for all values.
  • sex: either Male or Female. By default it will search for all values.
  • search_countries: a list of ISO country codes that will be used to filter matches (e.g. [”GB”,”US”]).
  • match_threshold: the minimum fuzzy matching score to filter out all matches with score lower than it. Defaults to 90, if you want a full match, please pass 100.
  • check_type: specify the datasets to search over. User cannot use dataset package above his license but he can use a lower one. check_type can be one of the following:
    • Basic: only contains Global Peps and Sanctions
    • Enhanced: contains Basic (Gloval PEPs and Sanctions) + Adverse Media, Reputation Risk Databases, Regulatory Enforcement List, and People of Interest. Please contact support@idwise.com for more details about the specific lists we support.

Request Example

	"full_name": "",
	"first_name": "Elizabeth",
	"last_name": "Windsor",
	"middle_name": "Alexandra Mary",
	"birth_date": "1926-04-21",
	"sex": "F",
	"search_countries": [
	"match_threshold": "80",
	"check_type": "Enhanced"


The result of the query will be similar to the following example:

    "matches": [
            "score": 95,
            "name": "Test Test",
            "countries": [
            "datesOfBirth": [
            "sex": "Male",
            "notes": [],
            "datasets": [
                "Politically Exposed Person"
            "aliases": [
                    "firstName": "Test1",
                    "middleName": "",
                    "lastName": "",
                    "type": "Name Spelling Variation"
            "addresses": [
                    "addressType": "Residential",
                    "countryIsoCode": "GB"

Names of Datasets

    "Politically Exposed Person",
    "Linked to a Politically Exposed Persons",
    "Adverse Media",
    "Regulatory Enforcement List",
    "People of Interest",

Request Failure Messages

    "Invalid Name": "You have to pass either the first and last name or the full name!",
    "Invalid Date": "The date should be YYYY-MM-DD ISO formatted, e.g. 2022-01-01",
    "Invalid Sex": "The sex should be either Male or Female!",
    "Invalid Threshold": "Threshold should be between 0 and 100",
    "Request Failed": "Request Failed!",
    "Invalid Response": "Invalid Response Format!",
    "Invalid Country": "Country should be ISO formatted, e.g. GB",