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Developers Guide to Integrate With IDWise

There are many ways to integrate with our system, including a mobile SDK, or by sending images of documents through an API:

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Client SDKs:

We strongly recommend using the following Client SDKs to integrate the IDWise KYC capability into your app, we strive to make the integration effort minimal while maintaining a rich and customisable experience:

Business ID (Journey Template ID) for the above client SDKs will be provided by the IDWise team.

Backend API:

This API helps you get information about IDWise journeys from your backend. You can find the documentation here.

API Key & Secret:

You will be provided by API Key and API Secret upon your onboarding on the platform.

Typical Integration Scenario Sequence Diagram:

download (3)

Happy integration!

Our team is more than happy to help answer any questions about the integration or the product, you can reach out via email or WhatsApp.

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