IDWise Smart Onboarding SDK for Android

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  3. Integration Video
  4. Step 1: Integrating with your build scripts
  5. Step 2: Starting an ID verification journey
  6. Step 3: Customising the UI
  7. If you use Proguard
  8. Common Error Codes and their Causes
  9. Onboarding Journey Scenarios
  10. Advanced Dynamic Journey Mode
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This SDK allows you to integrate the IDWise Digital Identity Verification technology inside your app with minimal fuss. Whenever your app want’s to verify a user, simply initialize the SDK and call a single method i.e. startJourney(...). It’s that simple. Isn’t it?

Here is how you can setup and start using IDWise SDK.

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Latest Stable Version


Integration Video

Get integrated quickly by watching a 5 minutes video:

Step 1: Integrating with your build scripts

  • In your build.gradle file, add multiDexEnabled true and dataBinding true in these sections:
    android {
      defaultConfig {
          multiDexEnabled true
      buildFeatures {
          dataBinding true
  • Add the following repositories:
    repositories {
      maven { 
          url '' 
              	allowInsecureProtocol = true
      maven { url '' }
  • Add the following dependency inside your dependencies section: implementation 'com.idwise:android-sdk:VERSION_NUMBER' For example, to use vx.y.z of our SDK, you would do the following:
    dependencies {
      implementation 'com.idwise:android-sdk:x.y.z'
  • Change your minSdkVersion to 19 or higher

Click here for an example for build.gradle

Step 2: Starting an ID verification journey

You can find an example of how to start an ID verification process in the file example-activity.kt.

Initialize the SDK From inside your Activity or Fragment, You can initialize the like this

IDWise.initialize(“",IDWiseSDKTheme.SYSTEM_DEFAULT /*Optional*/) { error: IDWiseSDKError? -> error?.printStackTrace() }

After successfully initializing the SDK with your CLIENT_KEY provided by IDWIse and an optional theme parameter, Your app can start an ID verification process by making a call to the startJourney method which takes the following parameters:

  • journeyTemplateId (also called Journey Definition ID): This is a unique identifier that identifies your journey definition. IDWise shares this with you when you register for using IDWise system.
  • referenceNo: (Optional) A parameter that you can use to associate an arbitrary identifier (reference number) with the user making the current journey. This is helpful to link the journey back to the user and/or application that started the journey, you will recieve this in the webhook request.

  • locale: (Optional), iso code of locale (language) for the UI elements (please contact IDWise support for the list of supported locales, we are happy to support more upon reqiest).
  • IDWiseSDKCallback: An interface implementation with multiple callback events. That are onJourneyStarted, onJourneyCompleted, onJourneyCancelled and onError.

The JourneyInfo.journeyId, received in onJourneyStarted & onJourneyCompleted, can then be used by your backend code to securely get the result of the ID verification.

Here is the Sample for Starting the Journey

			"<YOUR_JOURNEY_TEMPLATE_ID>", //Provided by IDWise
			object : IDWiseSDKCallback {
			    override fun onJourneyStarted(journeyInfo: JourneyInfo) {
				Log.d("IDWiseSDKCallback", "onJourneyStarted")
			    override fun onJourneyResumed(journeyInfo: JourneyInfo) {
				Log.d("IDWiseSDKCallback", "onJourneyResumed")

			    override fun onJourneyCompleted(
				journeyInfo: JourneyInfo,
				isSucceeded: Boolean
			    ) {
				Log.d("IDWiseSDKCallback", "onJourneyCompleted")

			    override fun onJourneyCancelled(journeyInfo: JourneyInfo?) {
				Log.d("IDWiseSDKCallback", "onJourneyCancelled")

			    override fun onError(error: IDWiseSDKError) {

				Log.d("IDWiseSDKCallback", "onError ${error.message}")

Step 3: Customising the UI

The text prompts, images, and colours for both the light and dark modes within an ID verification journey are all customisable. This customisation is performed in our cloud which has the following advantages:

  • You do not need to publish a new version of your app to the store each time you customise the journey,
  • Your users do not need to do anything in order to pickup any customisations that you apply,

It almost works like magic!

Please reach out to the support team to help with this customisation!

If you use Proguard

You need to update your build as follow:

// generate release apk
buildTypes {
	release {
		signingConfig signingConfigs.release

			proguardFile '../'
		minifyEnabled true
		//enableR8 code Shrinking & Obfuscation
		shrinkResources true

And add the following file to your app, in case the first simpler configuration doesn’t work, please try the second more comprehensive configuration in

Please reach out to our IDWise support team for details on how to customise the UI for the ID verification journey.

Common Error Codes and their Causes

IDWiseErrorCodeInt ValueCause
INVALID_PARAMETERS11clientKey is invalid or empty.
SDK_NOT_INITIALIZED22Either You haven’t Called the IDWise.initialize or you haven’t waited for callback
WRONG_CREDENTIALS33clientKey is incorrect
INTERNAL_ERROR44Internal Error occurred while processing the request

Onboarding Journey Scenarios

Please click here for detailed explanation of common onboarding journey scanerios and how to deal with each of these scenarios.

Advanced Dynamic Journey Mode

In some scenarios, your use case might require more flexibility and control over the user journey flow and full control over the user interface / UX above and beyond the wide range of customisations we offer and more than the above sequential flow which simplifies integration, we are introducing: the Advanced Dynamic Journey mode, to both of our Android and iOS SDKs to cover some edge advanced use-cases.

From experience, the above simple integration should cover the vast majority of use cases, and allow for a good degree of customisation for the steps and for the UI/UX from the IDWise backend (which applies instantly without the need to update the host app).

If you believe that the simple integration still doesn’t cover your use-case, you can find the documentation for this new mode here: Advanced Dynamic Journey

Keep in touch!

Please get in touch if you want to make any adjustments or customisations to your users journey. Please feel free to jump on a chat by visiting our website:

Table of contents