iOS Lightweight SDK

The IDWise iOS SDK is a lightweight version that allows easy integration into iOS apps while still providing robust identity verification. It has a lighter weight process for checking the quality of captured frames, but this does not impact image quality.

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Xcode Supported Version

IDWiseLight SDK always supports latest Xcode version only. The current latest release of IDWiseLight SDK supports below Xcode versions.



IDWiseSDK is available to install via CocoaPods package manager from IDWiseLight private Cocoapods repository. To add IDWiseLight SDK to your project, first ensure you have these two lines at the top of your Podfile file:

source ''
source ''

This adds IDWiseLight private Cocoapods repository as a source to install packages from

Next add this line also to your Podfile but this time underneath your target node for your project:

pod 'IDWiseLight'

You can have a look at the example Podfile provided in the root of this repository to see an example Podfile with both the changes above completed

After adding our dependency in your Podfile run:

pod install


Invoking IDWise SDK is very simple. First import IDWise package in your code file:

import IDWiseLight